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We are who we say and believe we are. Our words play a role in the connection we have with the desires and intentions we speak. My hope is that you use this affirmation page as daily reminders that you are amazing and worth it. 


I am confident in myself. I embrace who I am and accept the person I see.

I believe in myself. I am safe, secure, and worthy of peace.

My past does not define me. I embrace the present and let go of any limiting beliefs. 

I show myself, love, by knowing and acknowledging my greatness. 


I am loved.

I open myself up to the love I desire.

I love who I am, and who I have become.

Love is within me because I love myself


I trust myself to do what is best for me.

I am bold.

I release the fear of the unknown.

I am fearless. 


Today, I release the things that do not give me peace.

I release hurt and pain and replace it with peace and happiness.

Peace is within me. 

In this moment, I choose peace. 


I forgive myself for holding on to hurt. 

I  release resentment and anger and replace them with love and peace.

I forgive myself for doubting who I am. 

I forgive others, in order to heal myself. 


I give myself permission to heal 

My healing is for me. I heal on my own terms

Healing takes time, I allow myself to go through this process. 

I am healed. 

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