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About Marquita 

Marquita is the founder of Miyanda Health and Wellness, a soulful collective designed to provide healing and educational spaces for people of color to learn about creating a healthier and emotionally balanced lifestyle through ancestral roots and healing. Marquita has been a health and wellness advocate for the past 6 years. As part of her community work and advocacy through her primary business Be Up Rooted, she has provided resources and education on the importance of health and wellness through webinars, seminars, and course events.

Marquita's understanding of the mind, body connection inspired her to dig deeper into her practice. This passion drove Marquita to get her Holistic Health and Wellness coaching certification, as well as complete Full Spectrum Doula training through the Birthing Advocacy. Marquita's mission is to help build her community. She believes in the importance of relationships and understands that in order to heal a community, it takes a village. By bridging the gap and addressing social determinants and disparities within the black community. She is able to continue her journey as a conduit for social change by providing a safe space for others to thrive and grow. 



"My mission is to stay grounded in truth; to empower and uplift myself through spiritual enlightenment and connectivity to God and the universe."


"My vision is to live a life fully expressed, and create space for FREEDOM, LOVE, and HAPPINESS in my life through my words and actions."

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